YA Reviews for Community Service

Be Opinionated! - Teen Reviews
This is an opportunity to earn community service from home while 
sharing what you've read, watched, or played with others! 
Your review should be a well written 250 word critical evaluation 
of the material, including a one paragraph summary and a one paragraph critique. 
The SUMMARY should be your own original description of the plot and characters. 
The CRITIQUE should be your opinion and recommendation of the material; 
i.e., What did you like or dislike about it? Would you recommend it to others? 
What other book/movie/game/show would you recommend that are similar to this material?*

Reviews will be posted on the North Bellmore Public Library Website (Teen Reviews Tab), 
Facebook page, and NBPL Teen Scene blog. 
They will also be collected in a "Teen Reviews" binder that will be kept in the 
library's YA room. 
1 hour of community service will be awarded for each review.

*All reviews should be written in your words. Credit will not be awarded for 
plagiarized content.*

Please email any questions to ndeluca@northbellmorelibrary.org.


Teen Reviews: