Sunday, November 25

Sunday after Thanksgiving, what should we call it? Doesn't it deserve a special name too?

Thursday is Thanksgiving.
Friday is Black Friday.
Then, we have Small Business Saturday.
Cyber Monday has a special name.
What about Sunday?  It is the one day of the five day weekend with no special designation.Which one do you like the best? 
  • Catch up Sunday
  • Sofa Sunday. I'm not leaving it
  • Sober Sunday
  • Cyber list Sunday
  • Turkey gumbo Sunday
  • Go to Church Sunday
  • Free from the relatives Monday
  • Sold out Sunday
  • Premonday
  • End of Eating Leftovers Day
  • Sleep in Sunday
  • Recovery Sunday
  • Sorrow Sunday
  • It's thanksgiving leftovers Sunday
  • Sunday after thanksgiving is the sabbath like every other Sunday.
  • Do whateva Sunday!!!!!!
  • Resting Sunday
  • Lords day.
  • Salty sunday
  • Broke
  • Give It A Rest Sunday.
  • Sleep Sunday !!!!!!!!
  • Day of digital rest
  • MUSEUM STORE SUNDAY is already a thing. This is the second year. The wwii museum is offering specials to members at the store, as are other museums worldwide.
  • Thanksgiving turkey gumbo Sunday
  • Easy Sunday
  • Substantial Debt Sunday
  • Oh dear Sunday! Back to work tomorrow.
  • I got it...why don't we just call it "the Sunday after Thanksgiving" or just November 25th
  • "Who Cares Sunday"
  • Mercy from the food gods Sunday.
  • Self Sunday.... buy for yourself
  • Same clothes you slept in Sunday
  • Serenity Prayer Sunday
  • Sleep-in Sunday
  • Seclusion sunday, silent sunday, sleep in sunday
  • Safety belt Sunday. Busy travel day.